Onra returns to ‘future-funk’ sound for new album, Nobody Has To Know

Onra has a new album on the way in February.

Nobody Has To Know is meant as a follow-up to 2010’s Long Distance (and its companion EP, Deep In The Night)), which explored a lush sound more inspired by funk, new jack swing and R&B than the French producer’s usual hip-hop. This time he works with two musicians, Lewis McCallum from New Zealand and Pomrad from Belgium, who label All City say “bring touches of virtuosity to Onra’s trademark synth arrangements.”

The album “details the ups and downs of a secret relationship,” the press release continues, “from the excitement of doing something forbidden to the aftermath of living out fantasies.”

Listen to “No Question feat. Pomrad.”

01. Prelude 
02. Secretly 
03. Let Me Fantasize 
04. Love Triangle 
05. No Question feat. Pomrad 
06. Wish I Could 
07. The Jam 
08. Freak feat. Lewis McCallum 
09. Not Long Ago 
10. Wait A Minute 
11. Nothing To Lose 
12. 4U 
13. All The Time