Its always been about noise for Samukelo “thatboi” Mahlalela. Whether it was entry

level music creation on Ejay or a hyper analysis of the noise the geyser makes when

someone was using the hot water, he’d always find comfort listening to the noises

around him trying to find a hidden melody. Armed with an Advanced Sound Engineering

Diploma he’s been braving the world of the employed composing, editing, mixing and

recording talents great and small.

Before all of that though it was the people of Cape Town who introduced “thatboi” to

the plethora of music genres outside of the secular circuit. It was that subtle influence

that provided the drive for music discovery which now serves as the back bone

philosophy to the SbaliSoul Sessions Podcast that he runs along with Mr Eskay.

At a point where hard work has met his creative passions, “thatboi” looks forward to a

future where creativity pushes him to possibilities beyond music/audio.