Born and bred in Swaziland, art and visuals have been everything to Mr Eskay, from the

time he drew comic book characters in pre-school to making 3D visuals with Adobe

After-effects at present. Art is life and that’s how he approaches music as well.

His dad played a lot of Jazz and R&B (as cliché as that may sound) when he was growing

up. At the time, it didn’t make sense to him, in his head it was slow, boring and it had

repetitive lyrics. Hip hop and House came after and he slowly started listening to

samples, instruments, patterns that sounded familiar and it all made sense, Jazz rules the

world, it paints a picture that connects all the music we listen to today, it all starts with


When he met That-Boi and found we listened to the same music he knew the soul

sessions would come up one day, he didn’t know when and in what fashion, but he knew

it would surface someday. He’s not a musician by any stretch of the imagination but the

love, appreciation and artistry he find in good music will translate into the show.